Into Starlight is a third-party song produced by KURIS and sung by the Vocaloid IA and the CeVIO ONE. It is the third ending song used for the animated series.








Into Starlight


飛び出そうよ 光の中 知らない世界へ

高い丈飛び越え 初めて誘うわ

叶う夢が待っている My only heart そこが約束の場所 羽ばたくよ

キラリ光る道筋 間違いのない 私だけのMy way


弾むような力 背中に押し寄せる

さあ 恐れる事なく強く 全てを包み込む 輝くハートの中へ

急げ 急げ 駆け出す私 あの日

やっと やっと 顔を上げて星空を見上げるんだ

Sora kara

(Are hateta daichi)


(Furisosogu hizumi)


(Ima yomigaeru nara)

Into Starlight

(Toki o mo mizu ni)

Tobidasou yo hikari no naka shiranai sekai e

Takai take tobikoe hajimete izanau wa

Kanau yume ga matte iru My only heart soko ga yakusoku no basho habataku yo

Kirari hikaru michisuji machigai no nai watashi dake no My way

Kanjiru hodo mabushiku kokoro ga odoru

Hazumu you na chikara senaka ni oshiyoseru

Saa, osoreru koto naku tsuyoku subete o tsutsumikomu kagayaku haato no naka e

Isoge isoge kakedasu watashi, ano hi

Yatto yatto kao o agete hoshizora o miagerun da

From the sky

(the desolated ground)

Alighting down

(the downpouring lights)

Getting captivated

(if now we are revived)

Into Starlight

(without even watching the time)

I feel like I’m gonna fly away, into the light, to an unknown world

Jumping over that tall wall, for the first time it invites me in

A dream to come true is waiting for me, my only heart; that’s my promised place, I’ll flap my wings

A sparkling path of light, unmistakably, that’s my own

My heart dances, dazzlingly, enough to feel it

A force like a bounce, pushes against my back

Now, without fear, strongly, inside the shining heart that envelops all

Hurriedly, hurriedly, I broke off into a run, that day

Finally, finally, I raised my head and look up at the starry sky

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